Reflection is an integral skill for an effective teacher. Not every lesson plan that a teacher creates will work well in their classroom, no matter how well it is written, or how many contingencies a teacher plans for. Even if a lesson went extremely well, there is always room for improvement. The effective teacher has the ability to reflect on what he/she taught, how the class responded, and what they would change to improve their lesson. This should be done on an ongoing basis. During this semester, I was able to reflect on all of the lesson plans that I taught. As I become a more proficient teacher, I plan to incorporate reflection in my daily process.


  • Math Portfolio - At the end of my mathematics methods course, I was able to reflect on all of the experiences offered in the class, and how they have helped to shape my budding abilities as an effective math teacher. I believe that this portfolio shows the growth that I experienced over the course of the semester. It includes lesson plans and problem solving lessons that I taught in my class (along with critiques), and other artifacts. Please click on the following link to view it: Math Portfolio Rodney.doc