As a teacher, the necessity of being well versed in your content area is clear. An elementary teacher must have great knowledge in the areas of mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies, art and health. This page shows my content knowledge and background experience in each of these areas.

Language Arts
Reading and writing are activities that I still enjoy as an adult. I hope to pass this love on to my students. During my high school years, I was able to take many English classes based on British and American literature, composition, and Greek plays. In my undergraduate career at the University of Delaware, I was able to take literature courses surrounding Greek mythology. I was not able to take as many courses as I would have liked, but I truly enjoyed every literature based course that I took.

I was also able to take a 5-credit reading/language arts methods course. In this class, I learned instructional strategies and methods that would allow me to help my students improve their reading writing, and spelling skills, at any level. Reading is a skill that all students need, and I feel that I can help all students that I meet to either develop or improve this skill.

Science is one of my passions, and my favorite subject. During my high school years, I was able to participate in a two-year internship at the Hayden Planetarium In New York City, doing research in Astronomy and Astrophysics. I was also able to take courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. In my years at the University of Delaware, I had the opportunity to complete a major in Biology. Through this major, I was also able to take courses in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Botany. In my senior year, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as a laboratory teaching assistant, where I co-taught a Biology lab for Elementary Education majors at the University of Delaware. I believe that these courses and experiences will help me to become an effective Science teacher.

During my practicum, science methods course, and student teaching experiences, I was able to develop and teach lessons on food chains, the water cycle, simple machines, and the Solar System. As I progressed through these experiences, I was able to improve my abilities to create engaging lesson plans and activities that enhance student learning and curiosity. My goals in science are to encourage students to explore and observe the world around them.

Social Studies
Social Studies has always been a subject of interest for me. During high school, I enjoyed taking classes on psychology, economics, U.S. government, U.S. history, and Global history. In my undergraduate coursework, I was able to take courses in Microeconomics, History of South Africa, Psychology, and American History through film. Through these courses, I was able to examine our world through many lenses. During my social studies methods course, my colleagues and I were able to create a culture kit about the Middle East, which emphasized map skills, art criticism, and inquiry learning. I was also able to create a lesson for a third grade class based on voting, which focused on how voters make decisions. From having these experiences, I am confident in my ability to pass on my love and knowledge of social studies to my students.

I have always found math to be a very interesting subject. During my schooling, I have been fortunate enough to delve into many aspects of math, such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus, throughout my high school and college careers. During my math methods courses, I was able to learn many ways to help all students understand abstract mathematical concepts, and how to help students develop and improve their problem solving skills. I was able to apply those methods during my practica and student teaching experiences, and have experienced a lot of success. An example of a problem solving activity based on capacity is included. I believe that I will be able to pass on my knowledge of math to my students.

Art as always been part of my life. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance for 13 years, until I entered college. During my years at the University of Delaware, I was able to take theater courses focusing on acting and dance. I fully welcome the chance to incorporate the arts into my classroom. As a collaborative project, I was able to create a culture kit about the Middle East. My colleagues and I developed a lesson plan based on current and ancient Egyptian art (please see the culture kit link above).

Having happy and healthy children in the classroom is important to me. As a teacher, it is necessary for me to have knowledge on healthy living, so that I can pass this on to my students. In high school, I took gym classes during all four years, and also took a health class. I was also able to take a gym class during my college career. During my science methods course, we had the chance to explore many ways to incorporate fitness activities into our curriculum. I plan to use these methods in my future classroom.

Standardized Assessment Scores

  • Praxis I
    • Reading: 185 out of 190
    • Mathemetics: 186 out of 190
    • Writing: 179 out of 190
  • Praxis II
    • Elementary Education Content Knowledge: 190 out of 200
    • Biology Content Knowledge: 171
  • Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment: 572
    • Reading Subtest: 295 out of 300
    • Writing Subtest: 277 out of 300
  • Virginia Reading Assessment: 263 out of 300
  • New York Liberal Arts and Science Test: 264 out of 300
  • New York Assessment of Teaching Skills - Written: 286 out of 300