This page contains artifacts from all four core subjects, and demonstrates my ability to engage in long-range and daily planning, create and implement engaging lessons, and encourage critical thinking skills.

A word game that I made for a struggling student to enhance understanding of the long and short 'e' sounds.

Language Arts

The following artifact is an outline for a mini-unit on the thesaurus. When outlining this unit, I began by unpacking the standards associated with the thesaurus. From there, I was able to develop daily objectives, activities, and assessment for each day. Outlines for units are tentative. However, these outlines allow me to brainstorm my activities for each day, and determine my initial teaching pace for the unit. Creating these outlines have helped me to engage in both long-range planning and daily lesson planning. Thesaurus unit outline.pdf


While student teaching in 3rd grade, I taught a mini-unit on time, which included elapsed time. This was a very difficult concept for the students to grasp, which lead me to create this lesson plan. Please view the lesson plan by clicking on the following link. Elapsed Time lesson plan.pdf
To learn more about this lesson plan and view a picture of the manipulative, please visit the bottom of the Assessment and Evaluation page.

Social Studies

During the 2008 Presidential Election campaign, I developed and implemented a lesson plan on voting. This lesson was aligned with Virginia Standard of Learning 3.11, where students explain the importance of basic principles of our republican form of government. The students simulated a national presidential election in which the major issue between the political parties was picking the national candy. Please click on the following link to view this lesson plan. presidential election lesson plan.pdf


  • 3rd grade - During a unit on Living Systems, I taught a lesson on food chains in my 3rd grade student teaching class. The following artifact is a video clip, showing me helping students to use their knowledge of food chains to analyze a food web. Students were able to think about the difference between food chains and food webs, and how important one animal is to the survival of others.
  • 6th grade - Here is a differentiated lesson on Earth's Interior implemented in a 6th grade Science class. Differentiation enhanced the learning of gifted learners, average learners, and learners that need more support. Cooperative learning, hands-on activities, inquiry, and interdisciplinary connections to math and social studies helped students to learn about the interior layers of the Earth. Please view the lesson plan by clicking on the following link.Earth’s Interior Lesson.pdf To learn more about the 6th grade population with which I interacted, please view the Working with Diverse Students page.