Being an educational leader entails assuming leadership roles in education, and having a positive impact on education and society. The dominant belief is that you must be an administrator or have some type of title to be a leader. However, this is not the case. Sharing current research or a lesson plan that may be helpful to your team is a example of being an educational leader. Small gestures such as these may have an immeasurable impact on future generations of students and teachers.


  • Technology - Recently, I explored the use of Google Sky in the upper elementary classroom. Google Sky is a very new tool, released by Google in early 2008. After learning about this tool, I felt that it could be very useful for teachers. It can be used to teach science, and can also be connected to Social Studies. Because this tool is so new, there is not much information available for how teachers can use Google Sky. Therefore, I created a module for teachers that describes the tool, how it can be used in the classroom, and provides some helpful links. Please feel free to explore it at the following link: